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Best Running Shoes to Buy in 2023.

The most important part of your running kit is your shoes, so choose wisely as the perfect running shoes can see you doing over 500 miles before you need to consider changing them.  If you are an experienced runner or a total novice we can help you choose the best running shoes for you.

It can be difficult to find a shoe that exactly matches your requirements, so we explain below the main features you need to look out for. Your budget also has an impact of the choice of shoe, so we have selected shoes from different price brackets to help you make your choice.

How to choose the best running shoes for yourself.

What running surface are you running on?

You will need to consider the type of running surface you usually run on.  Is it uneven terrain such as track and field or is it track and road running?  If it is the latter you would not usually choose a shoe with a lot of traction in the sole.  However if you are off road running you need a shoe with plenty of grip and ankle support.

What durability should I expect?

the general rule of thumb is that a running shoe should be capable of at least 500 miles of use. This does not mean the shoe will be falling apart at this stage. It just means that the shoe would be well worn in and may not offer the support and traction over this time than a newer shoe would offer.


Comfort is key when choosing your shoe as you will be subjecting it to a lot of physical abuse, so it is very important to ensure the shoe fits well to protect your feet.


As with most things you buy, you generally get what you pay for.  Go for the best you can afford.  Whilst look of the shoe is important it is best to choose a shoe that will serve you well physically. 

The best overall Running Shoe.

Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes Price just £89.00

This is a high spec. durable men’s trail running shoe from Salomon and this is why we have given this the best overall running shoe. 

This is an excellent shoe giving you the durability, comfort and protection you need in a shoe. It is built for performance so is light, waterproof and the outer sole is extremely well made to give you the maximum traction needed in any terrain.  The inner sole is made from EVA foam to give maximum comfort to the runner which in turn enables you to maximise your distance when required. 

solomen running shoe.jpg

Best Running Shoes for men.

Scarpa Womans Ribelle Run Trail Running Shoes.  Price £121.50.

This is the best pair of running shoes that deliver comfort and performance.  They give superior comfort and fitting, they are lightweight so you don't even know you have them on. They are breathable so keep your feet fresh as all times. The mid-density EVA midsole absorbs impacts from rugged terrains while rebounding your weight to help propel you forward. The outsole has deep lugs to provide a solid grip on all terrains. These shoes come with a tidy lacing system to ensure you do not trip whilst ensuring that you can adjust the tightness and fit.  

womans running shoe.jpg

Best Running Shoes for Women.

Women's Supercross Blast GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes.   Price £112.50. 

These are ideal Women's running shoes as the are extremely light and comfortable, whilst remaining durable for any terrain thrown at them.  These Salomon hiking shoes provides TLC for the feet. The inner soles are comfortable and soft and are treated with anti microbial protection to ensure they stay fresh at all times. They have a contagrip rubber outsole to provide extreme grip when it is necessary.

running shoe c.jpg

Best Running Shoes for Beginners.

Salomon Men’s Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes. Price £77.99.

These shoes provide superior grip and protection for all types of running styles. They are lightweight to the extent you hardly know you have them on as well as being durable which is ideal for a beginner as they can be used in any terrain. These shoes fit well and hug the feet as well as feeling comfortable even on the longest of runs.

mens running shoe.jpg

Best Running Shoes for flat feet.

FitVille Mens Extra Wide Fit Trainers Walking Running Shoes Womens Comfortable Sneakers for Flat Foot Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Relief - Rebound Core. Price £77.99

These running shoes a specifically designed for plantar fasciitis and hammer toes, and applies the extra wide fit to ensure comfort and best fit.  They come with the patented Propel Core sole. With its wide toe area and high instep design it ensures that friction within the shoe is kept to an absolute minimum. These running shoes give total arch support as well as giving exceptional cushioning and comfort fit. The shock absorbing pads ensure that it keeps impacts to a minimum.

Best Running Shoes for overpronation.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 2 Colorshift  Mens Running Shoes.  Price £165.00

These shoes are ideal for people suffering from overpronation .  The are designed to fit snugly around the foot giving support in the places that are needed most. They are ultra light so they will not hinder your running style. They are made mostly of synthetic so are easy to maintain. It has carbon rubber pods under the heel to ensure better traction when starting and stopping. This feature also makes them more durable and resistible to heavy impacts. 


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