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What is the best Mountain Bike to buy in 2023?

What is the best Mountain Bike for a beginner or expert rider? It can be a difficult task trying to determine which type of mountain bike to buy.  At Lads Manor we have attempted to give you a rundown of the different types of bikes available so that you are better able to choose the right bike for you. Of course the Mountain bike you choose for yourself will depend on affordability as well as whether you are a beginner, novice or an experienced biker. Also you will have your own preferences as to your riding requirements when choosing your bike to take into account.  Here at Lads Manor we have attempted to give you the best advice possible, as well as being in a position to provide you with a selection of bikes we have available here at Lads Manor through our suppliers.

What you need to know.

Mountain Bikes what are the differences?

​There are three main categories of Mountain Bikes.  These are the Rigid, Hard Tails and Full Suspension bikes.

Rigid:-   Rigid Mountain bikes have no suspension as the term implies.  This means that when riding you feel every bump and pot hole when riding.  Some riders prefer these rigid bikes as the rider can feel the full experience of riding over a rough terrain feeling every Jerk and bump. These bikes tend to be at the cheaper end of the market.

Hard Tails:- Hard Tail bikes have a suspension arm at the front of the bike giving the rider some form of smoother ride whilst steering and concentrating on the direction of travel.

Full Suspension:-As the name suggests these bikes come with a suspension arm and the front and rear of the bike allowing the bump smoothing shocks to do their work to give a smoother ride as possible. 

Price:- The price difference between the different types is sometimes a factor when deciding which type of bike to go for.  Generally speaking the Rigid Mountain bikes are usually cheaper than the Hard Tails and Full Suspension bikes respectively but not exclusively as it also depends on the materials and parts used to make them. The price difference between the different types is sometimes a factor when deciding which type of bike to go for.  

Hard Tail or Full Suspension Bike?:- Hard tails are much lighter than the full suspension and they also have less components to fail and therefore cheaper to fix. They can be more fun than the full suspension version.  Hard Tails are still used at the highest level of racing due to their weight and pedalling efficiency over full suspension bikes.  However a lot of riders if they can afford it would go for the full suspension as it gives better control of the bike as well as comfort.  Full Suspension bikes hug the ground much better and if the rider is on a long ride can be more comfortable.

What are you going to use your Bike for?:- Mountain bikes generally are very versatile and can do many different types of riding.  That said you should choose a Bike that suits your preferred type of riding, that way you will get the best out of the bike and optimise the value for money.  There are many versions of the Mountain Bike from Cross- County Trial Bikes, to Enduro.  We will go through these differences in more detail below, however if you are still not sure which bike suits then a Trial bike would be a good option to choose as it is well placed to manage most terrains and courses.

The best Mountain Bike under £500.

The 2022 Trek Marlin 4 Hardtail Mountain Bike is a steal at £450. This is a new bike from Trek for 2022 and is on sale today. This bike is unique in as much as it bring Trek bike down to a much more affordable price for the specification.  It is an ideal starting bike for someone who wants to get into mountain biking and  try it out as well as being able to use it for other riding purposes. It comes with disc brakes, front suspension, 21 speeds and mounts for a rack and mudguards.  This bike also come with an aluminium frame which makes it lighter than the normal bike of its price range and all cabling is internal to the frame to protect them from damage. the frame comes in all sizes from extra small to large so that it can cater for any size rider. The gearing has 21 speeds to enable you to ride over any terrain. 

This bike is ideal for someone just getting into the Mountain Biking sport at a very reasonable price and is rugged enough to hop kerbs and handle potholes when required.  this bike is backed by a lifetime warranty.


The best Mountain Bike under £1000.

The 2022 Trek Marlin 8 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an excellent price for a lot of bike. For a hard tail bike it is the number one choice for new riders who need a fast cross county hardtail bike which will certainly compete with some of the more expensive bikes on the market. This bike has an aluminium frame to make it as light as possible with internal cabling running through the tubing to protect it from any adverse impacts. The frame comes in many different sizes

and has a  silver fork with a Solo Air spring and Turn Key hydraulic lockout, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless-ready wheels and a simple 1x12 drivetrain that get rid of the front derailleur for less clutter and easier operation. 


This bike is race-ready with upgrades on the parts that make a big difference in performance with rear rack mounts if you use it for commuting. Like every Trek bike it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The best Mountain Bike for the money.

The 2021 Specialized Chisel Comp for £1977 :- Is the perfect bike to begin your journey into XC riding, with all of the features to get you to the top of your game at a price that leaves some money left for other bits and pieces.


This bike is perfect for riders looking to get into XC or marathon racing who want an extremely light and fast bike at a very reasonable price. The Chisel Comp also works well as a fast cross country bike for setting lap records or covering big distances as fast as possible. 

The best e-Mountain Bike.

The 2022 Specialized Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon Electric Mountain Bike is a new, very lightweight eMTB that harnesses the quick and lively ride of the Specialized Stump jumper and adds just enough power when needed.  This is not the most expensive e-MTB on the market, however it comes with all of the trimmings you would expect for an e-Bike. It is capable of handling the widest variety of terrain without making any compromises in performance. This  is a new riding experience that enhances the joy of traditional trail riding with smooth support that feels as natural and alive as your own body. The Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon feature is a full carbon frame with full suspension and a SRAM drivetrain. This bike that lets you embark on ridiculously long adventures and helps you  ride many laps of your favourite trail instead of just one. The lightweight motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to your pedals. You can connect with our Mission Control App so that you can tune the SL 1.1 motor to your riding style, record rides, and monitor the battery. This bike is perfect for riders who want a bike that feels like a standard trail bike but has that extra little bit of power when you need it so you can ride longer and further.

The best Mountain Bike for Cross-Country.

The 2021 Trek Crockett 5 Disc Cyclocross Bike has an advanced alloy frame which looks and handles like carbon.  This bike is at home on gravel and your morning commute as it is on the cross course, so ideal for many types of ride.

It is built around a lightweight aluminium frame with shaped tubes, extra tyre clearance and an IsoSpeed Cross full carbon fork. This makes it fast and a great handling bike that will also great to ride on gravel. This is a bike you can race at weekends and then ride to work during the week. The Crockett 5 Disc comes with a 1x11 drivetrain with SRAM Rival shifter and derailleur. Powerful SRAM Rival Hydraulic brakes to make it easy to stop whatever the conditions.

This bike is perfect for riders who want a race fast bike that can do it all. Want to have a go at cyclocross racing, go gravel exploring or take the long way to work? This bike can do it all.

The best Mountain Bike for Trail Riding.

The Modern Trial bike is an all round mountain bike suitable for most types of riding and is considered the workhorse of Mountain Biking.  Unless you have very specific biking requirements then this type of bike is a very good all-rounder for someone who would like to try everything. These Bike tend to be the best value for money and is more often a novices choice.  Most bikes have suspension that can be firmed up, or if not locked out, to help prevent wasted effort during the climbs. For Trail bikes less than £1000 you can still get decent hard tail bike as this is usually a better option than a rigid bike. These bikes are also best suitable for Jumps as they are more mobile. The full suspension is likely to be overly heavy unless you are a really experienced Mountain Biker. If you can go for an Aluminium frame rather than steel. Hydraulic disk brakes would be a nice to have also. Entry Level Bikes range from £300 to £400 where as Good bikes are around £1500 to £2000. The top class Bikes can be around £5000 and above. If you enjoy going up and down hills then the Trial bike is a good choice bike for you.

The 2021 Trek Remedy 9.8 GX Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a long-travel trail bike built for serious sending. This bike is built around a lightweight full OCLV Mountain Carbon frame fitted with a FOX Performance 38 Float 160 mm fork with a GRIP2 damper. To get you back up the hills the Remedy comes with a SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 drive train with leg-saving lower climbing gears. 


Mountain bikers who want a seriously fun all mountain bike that is also seriously light. With amazing suspension and a solid parts group it’s a perfect all-around trail bike for riders who love smashing berms.

The best Mountain Bike for Enduro Riding.

High quality Enduro Bikes are really well designed for the job in hand.  They do however come with a hefty price tag. Buy this bike if you want to take on steep and difficult descents, but still get up to the top under your own power.

Entry Level Bikes range from £1300 to £1400 where good bikes are around £3500 to £4000. The top class Bikes can be around £6000 and above.

The 2021 Trek Top Fuel 9.7 NX Full Suspension Mountain bike comes with a full carbon frame to give you a light, responsive ride. This short-travel bike is as efficient as a cross country bike with the capability of a full suspension trail bike. It comes with carbon armour to protect from rocks and other trail debris and has a Mino Link which lets you make small adjustments to your geometry quickly and easily. This bike is ideal for mountain bikers who want a fast and efficient bike that can handle tougher trails. You can race this bike and use it for all day rides in the mountains. The carbon frame keeps the weight down making the bike faster and easier to handle.

The best Mountain bikes for downhill.

Downhill bikes are designed to get to the bottom of the hill as quickly as possible with no regard for getting back up again under their own power. These bikes are solid and built to be very tough and capable of dealing with the worst of terrain.  They come with a lot of suspension to smooth the ride as much as possible. This is an ideal bike if your concern is only to get downhill fast.

Entry Level Bikes range from £1500 where good bikes are around £3500. The top class Bikes can be around £6000 and above. This bike is perfect for you if you want a bike as versatile as you are, and you're demanding – of yourself and of your equipment. You want the lightest weight, the most adjustability and the highest precision so the last thing you have to worry about on your next adventure is your bike.


The best Mountain Bike for Fat Riding.

Fat bikes are designed to ride on soft terrain like snow, sandy beaches and deserts. They come with very wide tyres to be able to spread the load without sinking. These bikes are popular with people that live in or close to this type of terrain.  These are predominantly rigid bikes as they do not need much suspension. Entry Level Bikes range from £1200 where good bikes are around £2000. The top class Bikes can be around £4000 and above.

The faster you ride a fat bike, the more fun it gets—and this bike is a lot of fun.

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